Aviation Concepts Incorporated Adds Corporate 757

AVIATION CONCEPTS INCORPORATED ADDS A CORPORATE 757 TO IT’S GROWING FLEET Subic Bay, Philippines – April 2014 – ACI (Aviation Concepts Incorporated) is delighted to announce the expansion  of  its  managed  fleet  with  the  addition  of  a Corporate  757 aircraft.  The Boeing  757 will  be operated  as  a  private  category  aircraft  and  will  perfom  VIP  […]

ACTSI Adds Bermuda 145 Approval

AVIATION CONCEPTS TECHNICAL SERVICES INCORPORATED (ACTSI) GAINS MOMENTUM BY BEING AWARDED A BERMUDA BDCA 145 AMO   Subic Bay, Philippines – April 2014 – ACTSI adds Bermuda DCA AMO approval to their extensive list of regulatory accreditations that have been awarded to the Business Jet Service Center based in Subic Bay, Philippines.  “We are pleased […]

ACTSI adds Cayman Islands AMO Approval

AVIATION CONCEPTS TECHNICAL SERVICES INCORPORATED ADDS A CAYMAN ISLANDS 145 TO THEIR EXTENSIVE LIST OF CAPABILITIES AND APPROVALS   Subic  Bay,  Philippines –  April  2014 –  ACTSI  adds  Cayman  Islands  CAACI  AMO  approval  to  their extensive list  of  regulatory  accreditations that  have  been  awarded  to  the  Business  Jet  Service  Center based in Subic Bay, Philippines.  […]

T3 and Aviation Concepts Form Alliance

T3 PRIVATE JETS ASIA LIMITED AND AVIATION CONCEPTS INCORPORATED FORM AN ALLIANCE TO BUILD A NEW WORLD CLASS BUSINESS AVIATION SERVICE CENTER IN ASIA   T3 (T3  Private  Jets  Asia  Limited) and ACI (Aviation  Concepts  Incorporated) have  signed  a  partnership agreement  to  create  and  launch  a  new  Business  Aviation  Service  Center  in  Asia,  located  at  […]

ACTSI and T3 Launch a New Business Jet MRO

INDUSTRY PIONEER TERRY HABECK LAUNCHES A NEW WORLD-CLASS BUSINESS JET SERVICE CENTER IN ASIA   Subic Bay, Philippines – April 2014 –Terry Habeck of ACI (Aviation Concepts Incorporated) has launched of a new state of the art MRO(Maintenance Repair Organization) for business aviation to meet the ever-growing needs and expansion in the Asia-Pacific market.  ACI […]

T3 and ARGUS Form Asia Partnership

T3 PRIVATE JETS ASIA AND ARGUS INTERNATIONAL JOIN FORCES TO SUPPORT THE RAPIDLY EXPANDING AVIATION MARKETSIN ASIA   Hong Kong – April 2014 – T3 (T3 Private  Jets  Asia  Limited) has  been  named as  the  “Strategic Partner” for ARGUS International to support the growing Asian aviation markets. “We are very happy to have been chosen […]

Governing Law and Applicable Business Regulation

Introduction and background T3 Private Jets Asia Limited (T3PJA) is a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSAR”) incorporated private limited company. The legal name is T3 Private Jets Asia Limited. It was incorporated in July 2013. Under the “One Country Two System” policy of Peoples Republic of China, HKSAR incorporated company is solely subject to […]

Industry Heavyweight Mark Thibault Launches T3

Hong  Kong,  05  September,  2013  –  T3  Private  Jets  Asia  Limited  (T3)  has  launched  a  new  and  fresh  approach  to  aircraft management  for  clients  based  anywhere  in  the  Asia-­‐Pacific  region.  “The  overwhelming  demand  for  a  new  approach  to business  aviation  management  has  encouraged  me  to  launch  this  new  company  and  offer  clients  a  fresh  approach […]