ARGUS and T3 Celebrate 1 Year as Partners


Hong Kong – March 2015 – T3 Private Jets Asia Limited and ARGUS International are happy to announce the one year anniversary of their strategic partnership in Asia. ARGUS safety programs, audits, and facilitation services have been well received in this rapidly growing aviation market.  T3 and ARGUS set out to support the growth of all aviation sectors to include, but not limited to: airlines, business aviation, rotorwing operations, charter brokers, FBOs, MROs, and ground handlers in Asia and are doing very well.  The comprehensive, simple, and streamlined SMS support, On-site Compliance Audits, and comprehensive Safety Packages offered by ARGUS have enhanced safety awareness and underscore the importance of fostering a reporting culture in aviation.  “This strategic partnership has significantly reduced the costs and timeframes to complete an ARGUS audit in Asia” says Mark Thibault, Founder of T3 Aviation Group.

ARGUS and T3 formed a pact to develop Asian resources and deliver the highest quality services and products offered in line with international standards, for which both companies are well known to uphold, and the development is on-going.  This partnership will continue to serve and support our industry.

ARGUS has been working in the Asian market for quite some time and realized that a strategic partner in the region would foster even greater, more efficient access to our proven aviation solutions.” said Joe Moeggenberg, President and CEO of ARGUS. “We were so impressed with what Mark Thibault and his team has done, in regards to their aviation services business throughout Asia that it was an easy decision for us to partner with them. T3 absolutely mirrors ARGUS’ commitment to offering the best audit and aviation safety services from the most professional and experienced people.” says Moeggenberg.

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