Unparalleled in the region

Managing and protecting your asset

Our international team takes the best of the East and West and delivers impeccable customer service, exacting safety management, and reliable operations and maintenance management through dedication, commitment, and world class partnerships. We understand that owning an aircraft is a major investment that comes with considerable responsibilities.

When you select T3 to support the operation of your aircraft, you gain a full range of services focused on Safety, Service and Savings. Our focus on the management of your aviation asset allows you to simply enjoy the benefits of your investment – flexibility, convenience and reliability. T3 utilises a service delivery model that its management team developed over many years of experience.

One of the keys to our proven success is dedicating highly experienced professionals to each client’s account and having an organisational structure that supports decentralised customer service delivery. The assignment of specific support professionals to your account results in a superior service experience. T3 handles every aspect of the operation and is your single point of contact for all matters.

Our Flight Dispatch Centre operates 24/7 and is dependable and cost effective. We take care of every detail of your trip including flight planning, permits, ground handling, crew transportation, accommodation, and VIP handling for the passengers. Our team implemented the first approved business jet Safety Management System (SMS) in Asia and actively supports a robust safety culture as a way of life.

Flight Operations Management

Our team of flight operations specialists take care of your every need. Simply tell us where and when you need to fly and we arrange all of the permits, clearances, fuel, ground transportation etc.  Your dedicated operations team will ensure everything is in place so you can relax in the knowledge that the logistics are taken care of.

Maintenance Management

Maintaining your aircraft in an airworthy condition is absolutely necessary not only for safety reasons, which is our top priority, but also for the retention of value and asset protection. Great maintenance is essential for the health and well-being of your aircraft. We are passionate about maintenance and have a team of highly qualified and motivated engineers to keep your aircraft in top condition.

Pilot & Cabin Crew Sourcing

T3 has a large network for sourcing highly qualified crew members for many types of business jet aircraft and helicopters. Our recruitment process is comprehensive and our ability to listen to YOUR needs and desires is the T3 difference. We will find the best crew for you.

Asset Protection

Your aircraft is an expensive asset. We take the retention of asset value very seriously. Corrosion prevention, aircraft cleaning, maintenance and storage is vital to the health of your asset and the safety of operations. We watch over your aircraft as if it were our own. The weather, wind, sun and pollution will damage your aircraft. We clean, polish, and protect your private jet as it should be.


Fuel Cost Control Management

Through our close relationships and network of fuel providers, we manage your aircraft fuel cost as a program. We shop fuel prices and have excellent discounts with most providers. Our fuel program will provide you quantifiable savings on your fuel purchases from day one.


Harsh Environment

Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Beijing, Jakarta and the surrounding areas, are highly corrosive environments for aircraft. Corrosion and environmental damage are hidden concerns that we constantly focus on. Whenever possible, we recommend keeping the aircraft in a hangar to reduce exposure to harsh UV rays, acid rain, and wind. Hangarage is expensive and can be difficult to access in Asia, but we have an affordable solution.