Aviation Concepts Incorporated Adds Corporate 757


Subic Bay, Philippines – April 2014 – ACI (Aviation Concepts Incorporated) is delighted to announce the expansion  of  its  managed  fleet  with  the  addition  of  a Corporate  757 aircraft.  The Boeing  757 will  be operated  as  a  private  category  aircraft  and  will  perfom  VIP  flights  for  the  owner.   ACI and ACTSI will provide  full  operational  support  as  well  as  hangarage,  maintenance,  and  cleaning  for  this  aircraft.    The Group has  seen  continuous  growth  in  both  the  operations (ACI) and  maintenance (ACTSI) companies. “We  have  the only  business  jet  facility  in  Asia  that  can  easily  house  a  large  aircraft  such  as  this Corporate  757.    Our  highly  trained  and  experienced  engineers  and  ground  staff  will  perform  the maintenance and cleaning onsite, which will save the owner a tremendous amount of time and money” says Terry Habeck Chief Excutive Officer for both companies. ACI/ACTSI currently has hangars in Guam, USA, Tokyo, Japan, and Subic Bay, Philippines, as well as operations offices in Manila and Hong Kong.

ACI  anticipates  further  growth  in  both  the  private  and  charter  fleets. The  company  moved  its headquarters from Southern California to Asia nearly 15 years ago in anticipation of the regional growth. ACI  has  managed  aircraft  based  all  over  Asia  and  has  formed  relationships  and  partnerships  that continue  to  support  the  company’s  vision  for  world-class  service  and  in  keeping  with  industry  best practices.    The  company  has  a  robust  safety  management  system  that  underscores  our  commitment to keeping clients, staff and industry colleagues safe and secure.

“The  addition  of  the  Boeing  757  Corporate  aircraft  is an  exciting opportunity for ACI as  we  have the infrastructure and  resources in  place to safely support  the operations and  maintenance  of this aircraft. Our  Subic  Bay,  Philippines  facility  was  once  home  to the  United  States  Navy  and  then  Federal  Express. The 757 will  fit  easily  in  one  fifth of  our  hangar,  leaving ample  room  for  additional  aircraft.    The  close proximity  to  Hong  Kong and lower  costs  has  given  Subic Bay a  regional advantage  over  other airports.  Clients  wanting  an  alternative  to  the  overcrowded  and  expensive  China  and  Hong  Kong  airports  have found  Subic  Bay  to  be  an  aviation  paradise  and  a  great  solution  for  their  aviation  needs.   The environment in Hong Kong and many Mainland China airports is corrosive due to pollution and acid rain.

ACTSI provides a level of service that is based upon proactive and preventive maintenance support that is  difficult  to  obtain  in  Asia. ACTSIalso  offers  long  term  hangarage  for  the  ultimate  in  asset  protection for less the cost of parking outside in Hong Kong and China. The cost of moving an aircraft to Subic Bay for maintenance or hangarage is often offset by pure saving alone.