T3 and ARGUS Form Asia Partnership



Hong Kong – April 2014 – T3 (T3 Private  Jets  Asia  Limited) has  been  named as  the  “Strategic Partner” for ARGUS International to support the growing Asian aviation markets. “We are very happy to have been chosen by ARGUS and are honored to be their partner here in Asia.  This strategic partnership will significantly reduce the costs and timeframes to complete an ARGUS audit in Asia and will support the growth  of  aviation  by  providing  regional  service  and  quick  access  to  all  of  the ARGUS offerings”  says Mark Thibault, Managing Partner of T3.


T3  Private  Jets  Asia  Limited and ARGUS  International have  joined  forces  to  support  the aviation industry  here  in  Asia  at  a  new  level.    Our  approach  is  fresh  and our  partnership  underscores  ARGUS International’s  commitment  to  our  mutual  Asian  clients  and  T3’s  ability  to  deliver  these  services  and products to Asia, at significantly reduced costs by utilizing resources already in the region.  ARGUS and T3have formed a pact to develop Asian resources and deliver the highest quality services and products offered in line with international standards, for which both companies are well known to uphold. “Please join me in welcoming  the ARGUS team and brand to Asia as a permanent and integral component of our aviation community and a staunch supporter of the highest international standards and industry best practices.” says Thibault.
ARGUS has been working in the Asian market for quite sometime and realized that a strategic partner in the region would foster even greater, more efficient access to our proven aviation solutions.” said Joe Moeggenberg,  President and CEO of ARGUS. “We were so impressed with what Mark Thibault and his team has done, in regards to their aviation services business throughout Asia that it was an easy decision for us to partner with them. T3 absolutely mirrors ARGUS’ commitment to offering the best audit and aviation safety services from the most professional and experienced people.” says Moggenberg.
ARGUS  International,  Inc.  (ARGUS) is  a  specialized  aviation  services  company  with  global  expertise whose  mission  is  to  provide  the  aviation  marketplace  with  the  information  needed  to  make  informed decisions  and  manage  risk. ARGUS services  include  the CHEQproprietary  charter  operator  rating  and due diligence program, TRAQPak market intelligence data and research services, and aviation consulting. ARGUS subsidiaries  include ARGUS  PROS,  the  leading  provider  of  on-site  safety  audits  and PRISM,  the industry’s  most  advanced SMS  (Safety  Management  Systems)  solutions  provider  and  recognized certification  consultant.    Founded  in  1995, ARGUS  is  headquartered  in  Cincinnati,  OH,  and  actively engaged with business activities in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, South America and the Middle East and Africa.
T3 Private Jets Asia Limited is Asia’s first consultancy company to offer aircraft Owners, Operators, and Service  Providers  an  unbiased  and  objective  oversight  solution  for  the  purchase,  sale,  delivery, maintenance  and  operations  of  aircraft  through  financial  and  operational  audits  and  constant surveillance. In  2013  we  launched  our Hong  Kong  based  company  in  response  to  ever-increasing requests for a turnkey support solution that ensures our client’s best interests are at the forefront and that  management  companies,  vendors  and  service  providers  are  acting  ethically,  responsibly  and  are  in keeping with industry standards and best practices.


Established in 2013, T3 Private Jets Asia Limited and T3 Private Jets Thailand Limited were set  up as  International  Business  Jet  Operators  and  Management  Consultancy  Companies  headquartered  in Hong  Kong and Bangkok,  spanning  private  jet  consulting,  aircraft  management,  business  jet  charter, aircraft maintenance, aircraft sales and other offerings. T3 was established to become a leading Business Aviation  Company  in  the  region,  focusing  on  unwavering  international  safety  standards,  as  well  as impeccable client service that discerning international customers’ demand.  T3  provides  “Accurate Aviation Advice Always” consultancy services and through strategic partnerships, T3can also provide approved  maintenance  for  aircraft  registered  in  the  USA,  Hong  Kong,  Thailand  and  many  other countries,  including  China,  Cayman  Islands,  Bermuda,  Singapore,  and  Canada.  With  its  Hong  Kong  and Bangkok  based  International Management  Teams, T3is  well positioned  to  provide clients all over  Asia with  impeccable  personal  service. T3  Private  Jets  Asia  Limited is  an  independent  company  and  not part of or affiliated with any large corporate Groups. The T3 team is passionate about business aviation.

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