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Your Aircraft, Our Expertise

T3 is Asia’s first consultancy company to offer aircraft owners an unbiased and objective oversight solution for the purchase, sale, delivery, maintenance and operations of business jets and helicopters through financial and operational audits and constant surveillance.

In 2013 we launched our business in response to ever-increasing requests for a turn key support solution that ensures our client’s best interests are at the forefront and that management companies, vendors and service providers are acting ethically, responsibly, and are in keeping with industry standards and best practices.

We are fully independent and work directly for you. Our team of consultants all have substantial business aviation experience and are highly trained experts in their particular field.

Accurate aviation advice always

The T3 team is the most knowledgeable and connected consultancy team in the Asia-Pacific region when it comes to aircraft acquisitions, management, maintenance, and safety. We have managed more than 100 aircraft sales and deliveries.

T3 has made substantial investments in infrastructure and state of the art systems and has a vast database of information available. We can source aircraft, spares, and support anywhere in the world 24/7.

A world of knowledge is at our fingertips and we know which buttons to push to get the accurate answers you need quickly. With our on-staff experts, integrated systems, and vast network, we get the job done.

Our Mission

is to ensure the safe, efficient, and effective operations and maintenance of your aircraft by keeping your management company working hard to save you money.

We Guarantee

our services and are committed to improve efficiency and reduce costs. You will see an immediate effect and will know that you are being looked after by a team that cares.

Aircraft management contracts review and recommendations
Monthly onsite physical aircraft inspection and condition report
Monthly aircraft logbooks and records review
Monthly invoice vetting, verification, and justification
Balanced resources approach to cost control
Aircraft maintenance oversight and cost reductions
Aircraft insurance, engine programs, and warranty review
Operational review and cost controls implementation
Increased safety margins and aircraft dispatchability
Asset protection
Simple, inexpensive flat rate monthly fee that is often offset by realized cost savings and improved efficiency